Tuesday, January 11, 2011

shallots on a plate

Painted this 8 x 10" on a panel with a slicker surface than I like. I felt like I was pushing paint around. When I paint still life I typically use linen canvases because I like a little grip. I also think the linen texture adds interest.
Have a good day and WAR EAGLE!
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  1. Nice, Carol. I like the mood on this one.

  2. I don't like slick surfaces, either. I feel like the paint won't stay where I put it--it slides around.

  3. Carol,
    Really nice colors here. The shallots really pop against the blue.
    I tried some speedball gessoed panels and it was like painting on glass...I like a little grip also- I call it teeth:)
    Stay warm- guess I can paint some snow today! 9 inches in places.

  4. On your last post - I briefly looked at it last night, but I was watching THE GAME and had to keep my eyes on the tv!! WAR EAGLE!!! Great space to paint!

    The reflections on the blue plate are beautiful! Shallots have such lovely colors and you ded a great job capturing them. Beautifully done!