Thursday, April 25, 2013


 My friend, Lynn, helped me set my tent and work up at the Magic City Art Festival today and she made an observation that  I mostly paint blondes.  It is true and I have not done it purposely.  So here.
The show is Friday and  Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 10 -5.   I am booth 436 and am across the street from the Birmingham Museum of Art.  I have a wonderful shady spot in Linn Park so come out and say hello to Lynn and me.  Bring money.
This painting is 6 x 8 x 2".
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

in the thick of it

 I am still in my cow period.  I guess that is okay.  Every cow is different and has something  special to offer.  This one was just about cammoflagged in the wheat.
I had a great time at the Mt Brook art show yesterday.  The weather was perfect and the crowd was too.  I had a lot of old friends come by and I made some new ones.
 I am participating in the Magic City Show next Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I think I am going to bring my couch.  I was whipped last night after one day.  It is all worth it and so much fun.
This is painted on an 8 x 10" linen panel.sold
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Friday, April 19, 2013

stewart michael

I am posting this painting in memory of my cousin that just passed away.  Michael's wife, Jill, commissioned me to paint this last October to celebrate his 60th birthday.  He was a Methodist minister and touched and helped so many during his short lifetime. The last time I saw him he took the time to come see me at one of my art shows. I am going to miss him.  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

eastern light

 I have been very busy this past week readying for upcoming art shows.  I am participating in the Mountain Brook art association show this coming Saturday.  The hours are 9 until 4 and it is held at Crestline field in Crestline Village, Mountain Brook.
The next weekend I am participating in the Magic City Art Show here in Birmingham at Linn Park April 26 -28.

This piece is very large and pretty cool in person.  It is painted on a 30 x 40" clear primed linen canvas.  These two make quite a pair.sold

Ruthie has taken over my studio chair. 

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

six pack

 This is painted on a 12 x 24 x 1 1/2" canvas.
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

on second thought

 I mentioned in a post last week that I painted the cow portrayed in "feeling groovy" on a large canvas.  This is painted on a 24 x 36" clear acrylic primed canvas. I purposely left some canvas exposed at the bottom.  The light hitting this cow is so nice that it makes for a pretty cool painting.
One thing I am finding in my studio is that I have enough space to stand back and look at paintings and try to figure out what is working and what is not. I have reworked a few older paintings that I was feeling were not measuring up.  I will post some before and after when I have time so you can weigh in.sold
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


 I had to pull out the dictionary on this title.  I turned immediately to the page that had downy on it and it seemed appropriate.  If you are confused, that is what I do sometimes when I can not think of a title.  I have painted a lot of white cows.  This one was a little like icing a cake.  Lots of yummy, white titanium white frosting.  This is painted on a 10 x 10" gallery wrap.

I am trying to paint a good bit for some upcoming shows.  The first is Saturday, April 20. It is the Mt Brook fine arts show and is located outside the   Crestline elementary school.  Very fun show with lots of good artists. The next weekend is ANOTHER outside show.  This is the first year I am participating in the Magic City art show that is held at Linn Park located in downtown Birmingham.  It is a juried show that has artists coming from all over.  It is April 26-28.  Hoping we have some good weather.  Would love to have you stop by one of the shows.sold

Just in case you are wondering....I am using will power not to post new photos of my lovely Ruthie kitty.

Friday, April 5, 2013


 Such a pretty pose.  This was a bit different for me because I do not do very formal portraits of dogs.  Penny called for me to tighten up a bit. I am ready to let loose in the yard for the rest of this beautiful, Spring day. Penny is a commissioned piece and is painted on an 11 x 14" linen canvas.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!sold
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

feeling groovy

 I painted this same cow on a 24 x 36" yesterday.  Thought it would be fun to loosen up with this 8 x 8" before painting another commission.sold

I think I paint better with a cat in my lap.

Watch kitty.
I have turned into the crazy cat lady.
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

mickey blue eyes and prince

 My friend did not tell me which one was Mickey blue eyes.  This is a piece she commissioned to give her husband for his birthday.  We were neighbors when we were both newleyweds.  One of  my fondest memories of him was how he was so patient with our dog Clyde. Clyde would continuously drop sticks in the path when he was mowing.  He would always pick up the stick and throw it and Clyde would bring it right back to him.  I bet these dogs are well loved and cared for.

Speaking of well loved.... I am crazy about my new friend Ruthie. I am going to be honest and tell you that I do not usually care for cats.  I mostly decided to get a cat to help keep critters away. critters better get close to my Ruthie.  This has been such a pleasant surprise. She is bringing me so much happiness and laughter.  She is slowing my painting down a little because she wants to be in my lap.    My sons are tired of getting text pictures of her.  The one that has met her understands.
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