Tuesday, January 25, 2011

in progress

I am posting this so that I will feel pressure to finish it. I am painting a photo that I took about 25 years ago. I worked at the girls club of Birmingham for three summers. I would take the girls on field trips and conduct day camps. It was alot of fun because i worked with good friends and even my sister one summer. The girls enjoyed getting away from the club for special trips and days at an area camp. The girls were lining up to go to the pool in this picture.
I am painting this on a 24 x 36" canvas. Karin Jurick starts with the hardest part (I don't think anything is hard for her) so I am trying to do that by starting with the faces. If I can get them right I will be home free and enjoy painting the rest. So....here's hoping.
I also wanted to mention the beautiful watercolor above the monitor. My brother painted it several years ago. It is a picture of my husband's grandfather standing in a tobacco field. He is a very talented artist with no time to paint at the present. One day.
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  1. Carol,
    This is fabulous! Love everything about it so far. Amazing job on the beautiful skin tones. Keep it up! Very proud of you:)

  2. You have really captured their gestures and skintones so nicely. Figurative work is tough so I am enjoying your progress on this piece.

  3. I have just found you tonight and I love your paintings so much plus your endearing way of telling about them.
    I'm just learning to paint and want to use a monitor the way you have set up but what's the arrangement? Laptop? no...don't know what I need to get this set up and still be portable. Looks like you have the perfect solution.