Friday, April 30, 2010

onions # 1

This is painted on a 5 x 7" canvas. Sometimes it works out when you leave fruit or vegetables a little too long before you get to paint them. This onion sprouted and helped make for an interesting composition.
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One cute Chick

This is painted on a 5 x 7" gallery wrap canvas. This is one of my sister's chicks. They are so cute when they are little. Wish I had more photos of baby chicks. I had an incident where I had one out to photograph and he got away from me. He ran under a group of bushes and I totally lost him. I looked for him for 30 minutes before a terrible thunderstorm came up and made me abandon the search. I went in the house just grief sricken. I was a chick killer.
I haven't mentioned all the cats my sister owns. Alot. Really bright to get out a baby chick with stalkers all around. How could I have forgotten all the Sylvester and Tweety bird cartoons I used to watch?

Long story a little shorter, about an hour later, after the storm passed, my brother in law Hamilton noticed one of the cats stalking the bushes where I lost the chick. Ta Da....Hamilton went out there and found the chick. I always knew he was a chick magnet.
Are we supposed to talk about art in these blogs? sold
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Marshall Tucker

Yes, I gave my froo froo shih tzu dog a macho name. Marshall Tucker was one of my favorite bands in high school so my dog pays homage to them. He does not really like their music. A little too much energy. You can tell from this pose that he likes the slower tunes like James Taylor and Dan Fogelberg. Those loud tunes interrupt his naps. I chose this pose for Tucker because this is the way I usually see him. He really is a great dog and so much fun to have around now that my sons are all in college. Yes, three in college. Two to graduate this summer.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

turnips and yellow pepper

This piece is 5 x 7". First time I have painted on a small canvas in a while. I love the quick and fresh results. My favorite color is purple so I guess that is one reason I like to paint turnips. I am very happy with how the pepper turned out. There is not much better than painting an item with as few brush strokes as possible.SOLD Unfortunately I don't get that lucky very often. Happy.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beer and Pretzels

Just finished this 11 x 14" piece today. Glad to get back to painting. I spent a couple of days cleaning out and rearranging my studio. I use the term "studio" lightly because I paint in part of our basement right next to my car. The gas fumes are really mind freeing. And... I get great reflections off of my silver car.
As I was cleaning my space I came to the realization that I am a canvas hoarder. I own WELL over 100 canvases. A&E may need to do a show on me. Art supply hoarder. Not sure my reasoning for having so many. Maybe I have a fear of being caught without a canvas. I think the real problem is that I need to be off of a well known art supply dealer's e mail list. I get at least one e mail a day from them with deals I can not pass up. Anyway.....I am glad I took the time to clean up and realize that I do not need any more canvases. Now I need to start painting them. 99 5 x7" canvases on the wall, 99 5 x 7" canvases on the wall, take one down...
Next blog I will discuss why I have nine cans of cream of mushroom soup in my pantry.
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pears on Vietri

This is painted on a 12 x 24" gallery wrap canvas. The vietri platter is hand made so it is not perfectly symetrical. Think I have it right? Headed to Lake Martin today for fun and photos.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

blue vase and green apples

Wow. Maybe I should take a week off from painting more often. Just finished this 8 x10" piece. Pretty happy with it. Since I am pretty new at this photographing my work you fellow artists find yourself going back and correcting things in your painting after you photograph it? It is amazing to me how many things I see in a photo that I don't see in the painting. I go back and forth multiple times after I take a picture of it. I will probably tweak a few things on this one tomorrow.
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Finally getting back to painting after getting ready for and participating in an art show last Saturday. We had great weather and a really good turn out.
This is a commission piece for a friend. Pretty pleased with the results. The challenge I faced was white dress on white chair on white porch. This is painted from an 18 year old photo so I did not have anything to do with the pose. Any hints for facing all this white?
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Monday, April 5, 2010

runaway rooster

This is painted on a 24 x 36" gallery wrap canvas. Painted it a few months ago. The bright colors really make a statement from pretty far away.
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sunflowers and Turnips

Just finished this piece yesterday. Big feat for me. It is painted on an "enormous" 18 x 24" canvas. That really is big for me and I am happy with the results. I have said before that I mostly paint on smaller canvases. So.....all's good. Except the glare on this picture of the painting . I have so much to learn. I photograph outside with the painting in a lid size box. The painting's back is to the sun. I really did not have a box large enough to contain this "huge" painting so some sunlight crept in around the sides.
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