Tuesday, January 25, 2011

bowl of cherries

Painted this 5 x 7" this weekend. I have admired so many of my artist friend's cherry paintings. I don't feel like I have been that successful when I have painted them.
Back to my huge girl painting now. I have gained two pounds today stress eating through the painting. Trying to finish it so I won't do that tomorrow. It is coming along pretty well. So is my waistline.

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  1. I think your cherries look great! I like this painting and love the bowls. I got a ton of still life props for Christmas- just need to get painting them.
    On a happy note, at least you are eating your way through the girls painting- could be worse? Haha! You will be fine- I love it so far and am so proud of you and to see the big jump you have made lately! Keep it going!

  2. This is beautiful, Carol, and the cherries look great. The pears you do are always exquisite, too!

  3. Now these are some gorgeous cherries! Beautiful!

  4. Carol, your work always stands out for me.This one is no exception!

  5. Beautiful painting! Your cherries are stunning . . . love the bright fresh feeling. Your "big girl painting" looks pretty wonderful sideways . . .

  6. Love this painting! Very fresh, very clean...a delight! Those angular strokes add so much interest. Great job.