Saturday, January 8, 2011

lemon water


This is the first time I have painted whole lemons in a while. I have always struggled with getting the temperature right. They are such a cool yellow. I am very happy with the way these turned out. It is amazing to me how much more painting confidence I have if I can do it daily or almost daily. I know it is hard for most people to do achieve but it is such a great practice. I have so many painting ideas swirling around in my undiagnosed ADHD head. I have five pretty big art shows between now and the end of May so I am on a mission. Taking advantage of the time while I have it.
This is painted on an 8 x 10" linen canvas.
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  1. Wow, your brushes must be smoking. I'm impressed! I love the sparkle of light on the glass and the lemon in the glass was a very nice touch. I would love to know what shows you are going to. I'm trying to plan for next year. :)

  2. Carol,
    This is great. Good composition- lovely lemons! Love the water glass. Keep up the good work! So proud:)

  3. The glass is amazing! Really a wonderful painting all around! Love it!

  4. Good for YOU, five shows this year! This is a masterful painting of glass, girl! And I love the surface of the cups. And the lemons - which are HARD - perfect!

  5. Wonderful work, Carol. I love your drawing ability and the brushwork and value range in this one, especially, is terrific.

    Also, I apologize for not having welcomed you to DPO. My postings and making the rounds have been lacking of late because of work issues, moving and the holidays. In any case, you're a great addition to the group, so — WELCOME. Best of luck in the new year.

  6. Très belle réalisation... vous pourriez devenir une nouvelle fée de la fête des citrons de la ville de Menton, qui les met en valeur chaque année.
    La composition est à la hauteur de votre art, grand.