Wednesday, September 28, 2011

two of a kind

Two residents of Lake Junaluska in North Carolina. I am participating in an art show in a town close to this lake Saturday, Oct. 8th. It is the "Church Street Arts and Crafts festival" in Waynesville. My parents have a home on Lake Junaluska and my family has spent some of our favorite times there. Can't wait to pack up the car and be there.
This is painted on an 8 x 10" gallery wrap canvas.
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I apologize for leaving you with the big bottomed woman painting for two weeks. Mine looks a little like that after being in Italy for ten days. Very worth it.
I took this photo in Siena, Italy. These two were doing a little last minute research. I took LOTS of photos but half of them had someone walking by and blocking my subject. A few other people were there visiting. I hope my friends got some good pictures of the historical sights because my pictures are mostly of people. (people walking in front of people) This is painted on a 10 x 10" gallery wrap canvas.
I am participating in the 48th annual Bluff Park Art Show this Saturday here in Birmingham. The weather is going to be sunny with temperatures in the 70's. What more could you ask for?sold

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

working it

Painted on a 6 x 6" gallery wrap canvas.sold
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Monday, September 12, 2011

moving on II

I painted this same photo a few months ago and my good friends bought it for their lake house. The original is painted on a 2 x 2' canvas. I asked their permission to paint the photo again and they said it would be fine for a small fee. (jk) This one is painted on a 3 x 3' canvas. I intentionally did not look at the first painting before I started this one. I used the same cropping but was curious if I would interpret the colors the same way. This one is different but very similiar. I could not find the original painting photo so if you want to see it, go back about four months in my blog. I never want to take time off from painting to get organized. A problem!
I have been busy painting for several shows. Oct 1st is an annual show in the Birmingham area, the "Bluff Park Art Show". This is the 48th year of existence and it is a BIG show with artists coming from all over. I told you about the North Carolina show Oct 8th in my last post. Last, but definitely not least....I am one of the featured artists in DK Gallery in Marietta , Georgia Oct 7. The show is all about creatures. They have about seven or eight of my creatures on display with some other great artists.
Oh yeah, I am leaving for Italy Thursday. How cool is that?sold
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

traffic stopper

That was pure fun! Missing the ducks and geese at my parent's North Carolina home. Get to check in with them soon. I am participating in the "Church Street arts and craft's festival" in downtown Waynesville Oct 8th. Inspiration for lots of my paintings have come from this beautiful area of western NC.
This is painted on a 5 x 5" gallery wrap canvas.sold
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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Jada is a rescued cocker. The painting is a surprise for her owners who are getting married at the end of this month. Their very good friend/dog sitter had it commissioned. I think this is only the second black dog I have painted. I tinted the canvas blue and decided to make her highlights violetish/purplish. She has some white areas in her coat so those are not bright highlights. She is a beautiful dog and I bet the bethrothed are going to be thrilled with this gift. It is painted on an 8 x 8" gallery wrap canvas.
I have been busy the last three days working on a 4 x 5' commissioned piece. Have never painted that large but it has been a good learning experience. If I get a good image of it I will post.sold
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Just finished this painting of my pooch with one of his favorite toys. Carol Marine's family losing all their posessions to a fire in Texas has been on my mind. I can't imagine the loss. She has been such an inspiration to me even though I have never had the opportunity to take her class. She has taught and inspired thousands. Her classes fill up before she even plans them. I want to help in some way so I am going to put this painting on the Daily Paintworks auction site with the proceeds going to help the Marine family. This is painted on an 8 x 10" galllery wrap canvas.
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I might have broken some rules with this composition. Whatever. I like it. This is probably my favorite lady that I photographed in Boston. You have seen her in earlier paintings. She has obviously gotten to that comfortable place in life where you don't really care what you look like in a bathing suit anymore. No bottom, breasts down to your navel and protruding stomach. I'm glad I'm not there yet but I hope I can be this proud when I am. This is painted on a 6 x 6" gallery wrap canvas.sold
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Saturday, September 3, 2011

inching in

This 6 x 18"canvas size is a perfect stage for my Boston ladies. First time to paint on this size. My camera does not like this long size as well. Kind of blurred out the lady on the right.

Still wondering about the hands on the hips thing. Are their arms tired? Maybe trying to hide love handles? I think the one hand on the hip on the lady on the left looks very glamorous. What are you thoughts?sold

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Friday, September 2, 2011

parading pink

This is my entry for this week's Daily Paintworks challenge. We were asked to pick a subject and use a different rectange and color swipe for each stroke. Go to the site and read more about the challenge. I picked this tall poodle that I photographed at the end of my Susan G Komen walk in Boston. She had great light hitting her so it made for a fun photo. This is painted on a 5 x 7 gallery wrap canvas.
Happy Friday and Labor Day weekend. Hope you all celebrate it by doing something you enjoy!sold
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

hot plates

This is the first time I have done a still life in a LONG time. I think it was fun? This set up is painted on a 6 x 12" canvas.
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