Saturday, June 19, 2010


Man, oh man. This "precious" little #*&# 5 x 7" painting took way too long to paint. I really struggled with it. I am trying hard to work through problems instead of scrubbing the painting out. My natural inclination is to give up. Part of this thought process is that the painting can get muddy and overworked. Anyway...I will end this by saying that I did not have fun painting this but am happy that I pushed through it instead of giving up.
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  1. Lovely colors with the pinks and greens. The reflections in the vase are nice. I love your brush strokes with their impressionist look - especially in the apples. Your paintings doesn't look like it was overworked and you certainly have clear beautiful colors.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging comments Linda. Helps to hear that when I struggled so.

  3. Love your brushstrokes on the apples. Also, you did a great job on the sand in the painting above. I find sand to be so difficult. Can't decide what color it is.