Thursday, June 17, 2010

Green Apples and Pink Flowers

It is a miracle that you are viewing this painting. Wanted to scrub it out over and over yesterday. A definite trial of patience. I am pleased that I kept working through it and it should be a good lesson for me.
Always a bit hard to get back into painting if you have taken a break. I find it so much better to paint every or almost every day. I keep a better hold on my confidence if I can practice that. But....sometimes life gets in the way. Thank goodness!

11 x 14"
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  1. What a glorious painting! I'm glad you stuck to it too!

  2. You're patience paid off! It's lovely. I especially like the apples. Well done!

  3. I just tried to see your painting 'Pink' but the link isn't working from the Blogspot Reader. You might need to re-post? It's a shame, it looks so enticing in the Reader preview!!!

    I'm loving the pink and green combinations you've got going on at the moment. Really punchy and fresh!

    I tried to make a full face, complete with pear nose as you suggested a while ago, with the avocados, banana and new pear pendulum. But it just look like someone had punched my fruit face and broken his nose! Perhaps next time I manage a pear painting...

    Hope you're well!

  4. Thanks Autumn Leaves for your sweet comments on every painting. You are incredible! What is your name? Sorry if it is Autumn Leaves. My mom in law's maiden name was Daisy Garden. Her sis was Rose. True.

    Thanks Linda.

    Caroline, I started to post "pink" but I realized I had taken a terrible photo. At least I hope it was a bad photo. Might be a bad painting. Will post it tomorrow. Good to hear from you.