Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yeah, it's me. Painted this 8 x 10" piece yesterday while in class. I have recently started taking a class with Barbara Evan's on Wednesday mornings. The participants bring whatever they are working on. I am still so excited about my new bowls and plates that I took them with me to class. (There was definite bowl envy there.) I am a real traditionalist when it comes to setting up my still lifes. I use a two sided box with a direct light. In this room we had flourescent lights and no box. I did not have room to carry my box because I was already carrying my new bowls and plates that everyone wanted. So.....I set this up on top of a cardboard box and went from there. I bought this napkin to go with my bowls that everyone wanted. Out of my comfort zone but happy with the results.
Not telling you guys where I got my new bowls.
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  1. A mean streak??? LOLOL I want the bowls and napkin too! Truly beautiful, Carol. I so love the composition of this piece; the napkin just brings it all together (I thought it was tile and I thought it was perfection)!

  2. I have bowl envy...these are wonderful!