Monday, June 21, 2010

odd man out

I have really enjoyed using brighter colors in these last couple of paintings. I have to say that the colors in this remind me of Elizabeth Blaylock's work. If you are not familiar with her you need to be. Her paintings will brighten your day. I first saw her work in a shop here in Bimingham. I was intrigued with her colors, and geometrosized( I think I just made up a new word) brush work and shapes. This does not describe her work well at all. Just look at her blog or you can see her on daily She has the fortune and misfortune at the present of living on the Alabama coast. A beautiful area that is taking a terrible hit.
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  1. This is gorgeous Carol! A real day-brightener and the title gives it a whole new dimension with its cheeky narrative. You're very good at bright but realistic colours - often when I go really bright my fruit ends up looking wax. Not tasty!

    Thanks for the tip about Elizabeth as well...I'll check her out right away!

  2. Beautiful colors and brushwork. Yes, you are right about Elizabeth's brushwork. Love it.

  3. Hey Carol, Thanks so much for your kind words
    Your check is in the mail...haha just kidding! Love the painting and your clever word invention!!

  4. A gorgeous composition, Carol. Love the colors and that vase!

  5. Another beauty Carol! Love your painting! Beautiful colors and brushwork! You inspire me to get my brushes wet.