Monday, June 7, 2010

bathing beauty

Boy, Did I struggle with this one. Maybe I should not point out what I had a hard time with but...I am learning. This chubby little toddler had very fine, curly hair. I struggled to not over work it. Tried to really squint down just to see the big shapes. Am overall pleased with the result.
On a sad note, the reference photo was taken last summer at Destin beach, FL. Probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Sugar white sands and crystal water. Hope BP and our
government will do everyting possible to help restore our beautiful coastal areas.

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  1. Hi Carol, Very nice, full of light and color! I can't even watch what that awful oil spill is doing down there. What a tragedy.

  2. the water, is so openly clear in this work.
    this is a fabulous piece.

  3. Absolutely stunning colors in the waters and it is so maddening, so horrific what is going on down there. The little girl reminds me of the old Coppertone girl from when I was little. Beautiful piece, Carol.