Friday, June 4, 2010

pepper cocktail

Okay, I really hate photographing my work. I've gotten advice fron people and know there are blogs out there who discuss different methods. It boils down to my impatience. I am also missing my desktop 24" computer monitor. That computer is in the hospital getting rid of a virus. I am relying on a much smaller laptop for the time being. Sorry for all he whining.
I painted this piece on a 6" x 12" canvas. The pepper colors and shapes were lots of fun to work with.
Hope everyone has agreat weekend!
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  1. I like your composition with the wine glass full of peppers. Your colors are great and the reflections are wonderful, too. Actually, it's all good!!

    For me - it is love or hate with computers. When there is a problem it is so frustrating. I use mine for so many daily activities now. But, overall, I love them and depend on them. They are truly amazing!

    Have a wonderful weekend, too!

  2. Ditto from above - I love your sense of color and beautiful brushwork. Another little jewell!

  3. Absolutely stunning piece, one so well thought!

  4. I think your still life's are great .... so different.

  5. Thanks ladies. I so appreciate your encouragement.

  6. The colours on this one are wonderful.

  7. That coctail really looks... strong :D. It makes such a great painting! I love the way You have handled the background here!