Monday, June 4, 2012

teapot and peaches

 Another day of ignoring the mess in my studio. (it is actually a bedroom in the apartment we are renting) The problem is I have two rooms full of art stuff cramped into one room.  The only person inconvenienced by the mess is me so...... I paint on.

It has been fun to rediscover some of my still life props.  They are packed away in a big box that is sitting in the middle of my "studio".  It has been very freeing to paint from life and stand a good distance away from my canvas.  I often paint from photos on my computer monitor and I find myself sitting too close to my computer and easel.  It is easier to be loose when you are standing away from your canvas.

I always appreciate your comments on my work.  Even thought I do not respond to comments individually, I treasure your thoughts and am thankful for the time you take to share them.  It is very time consuming with all the security changes blogger has made.
This is painted on an 8 x 10" linen panel.sold

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  1. Another great painting, Carol. My eye goes right to the indigo bowl and lovely peach inside. As for the Blogger changes, it's different, but not better. Really irritating to me. But I found out you can easily turn off the "prove you're not a robot" word verification. Go to "more options", then settings, then posts and comments and turn it off! Yay! I think we should all do this! Takes the hassle out of commenting.

  2. Ma chère Carol j'aime la composition de cette dernière peinture qui en France se dit être une "nature morte", un terme que je n'aime vraiment pas... En ce qui concerne votre "nature morte" elle est très vivante... je croquerais volontiers ces merveilleux fruits.
    Votre théière est sublime. Les couleurs de son émaillage également et j'aime la lumière qui vient lécher ses bords.
    gros bisous

  3. You sure find some lovely pottery pieces. That teapot is so pretty! A lovely painting Carol. I don't respond individually to comments either. I try to answer questions in the next blog post though. Just not enough hours in the day.

  4. I love the light that you captured on the teapot. Just beautiful!
    Hang in there with your space.... It will be worth it!