Thursday, June 7, 2012

itsy bitsy

 This little girl reminds me a bit of the old coppertone ad.  Not much better than the smell of coppertone.  Maybe it is because it brings back memories of being at the pool, beach or lake.
This is painted on an 8 x 10" gallery wrapped canvas.
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  1. She does look like the little 'Coppertone girl' , and she is adorable , lovely expression on her face and that little soft body is just so cute, gorgeous painting !

  2. Loving seeing your new still life paintings back in the mix—seems like you've got a different textural quality—rich and buttery. Is that
    due to the linen? Always enjoy your beach babies! Your sparkling water really sparkles!

  3. Love your beach baby.
    Coppertone is a nostaglic smell. It never fails to bring me back to the beach days of old.
    Thanks for your comment on my DPW painting!

  4. She reminds me of the Coppertone ad too Carol. Love how you handled her hair!

  5. You can do it all and very well. I love the natural body flow you captured.
    Your still life paintings are gorgeous.

  6. She is adorable; love her curly pony too!