Saturday, February 25, 2012

what ?

I needed to paint a cow today. I needed her calming look to rub off on me. This beauty took a break from chewing to check me out. She was not impressed. This is painted on a 10" x 10" gallery wrap canvas.
I packed six boxes. Only three hundred or so to go.sold
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  1. Congratulations on the six boxes and a very nice painting too. I like the droop of the ears and the droop of the grass echo. Oh, and of course, your standard (fabulous) fresh color and brushwork.

  2. Oh look at those gorgeous eyelashes! I love that she stopped chewing to check you out. Good going on the packing start. A start is all it takes to gather some momentum. And the good thing about packing is you can sort the wheat from the chaff and throw out lots of stuff!

  3. I ALWAYS enjoy seeing one of your cows, Carol. They make ME feel good, too! Calm, settled. Wonderful colors and great pose!

  4. I knew exactly what you meant when you said you "needed" to paint a cow. They are fab creatures to paint. I love your colors and bold strokes! Good luck with your packing. You are 6 boxes closer to being done! Kudos to you!