Thursday, February 23, 2012

checking in

I did not intend for viewers to know the man was talking on his phone but then I could not think of a title.  One of my favorite teachers, Karin Jurick, felt it was not cool to paint cell phones and I have to agree. Nothing nostalgic about them.
My good friend, Spin, took this picture while we were in Siena, Italy.  It is painted on an 8 x 10" linen panel.  I have begun using raymar linen panels.  Do not know what took me so long.  Love them.
I closed on my house today so I am living in my house but it is not my house anymore.  We are renting it from the sweet family that bought it until they sell theirs.  Guess I need to start packing.  I have been saying that for weeks now. They have begun clearing our lot and it still hard to believe we are getting to move there.  The picture above is the creek that our house will face. Still pinching myself.sold


  1. I really like the way you've captured this man. I love the mystery you've created -- wondering what it is he is doing. Wonderful painting, Carol! I'm so happy for your good news. How exciting!!!

  2. It's hard to find people without their phones but this one works. I love the way his shirt fits his form, great light on his leg too!
    Congrats on the new property, what a beautiful place!!

  3. The painting is beautiful, Carol! I love the idea of this man resting with his dog while out for a walk. And he looks quite a handsome gentleman too. Your lot is absolutely gorgeous and what a piece of heaven on earth that home will be when you have it completed!

  4. Great news on the house! We just built a new house last year. Our builder warned us it's like having a baby...the last few months drag on forever. But it is well worth it. Good luck in your new adventure.

  5. OMG you are so lucky with that SPOT to put your house! Good for you!

    And I know Karin feels that way but I think - 50 years ago they didn't think a lot of things were nostalgic that we think are now. A good composition is a good composition! I love this guy on his phone!

  6. Great composition and painting- I met you at Karin's workshop and agree but this is so subtle and just awesome. And yay for you- look at that front door view- can we all come plein air paint with you!!?? And love painting on are now spoiled!:)