Monday, February 20, 2012


Paisley belonged to a friend I met recently and was her beloved yorkshire terrier that she lost in December. Paisley was very photogenic so I had lots of great photos to work from. Combined two pictures to get this pose. Paisley's head was cocked a bit but it is hard to see because of her lovely flowing hair. The picture is not quite true to color because the background goes more teal than green. Hope this will bring some good memories to my new friend. She is painted on an 8 x 10" gallery wrap canvas.
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  1. Another winner, Carol, know your friend will treasure this memory!

  2. How cute!! Your friend is going to LOVE this! Paisley has a sweet expression. I love the ears!! Well done!

  3. For anyone who has and loves pets, this same thing will one day happen to us all. It always breaks my heart too. You painted Paisley so beautifully, Carol. I know your new friend will just love this gift from your heart.