Friday, February 17, 2012


These two ladies were enjoying gelato in Rome. I have mentioned my goal of painting twenty images from my Italy trip. I should have titled it "people in Italy". I guess we can't help what we are drawn to. I love watching people and their body language. Another thing that is interesting to me are the surfaces behind the figures. Centuries old tumbled marble, stone or brick, layer upon layer of paint or stucco. I am not am abstract painter but I might come up with some interesting looking paintings by studying the different surfaces.
I have got to vent for a minute. How many words do we have to type in to make sure we are not a robot when we make a comment on someone's blog? You have really got to be motivated to leave a comment to go through the verifications. Maybe it's just me?
This is painted on an 8 x 10" linen panel.
Happy weekend!

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  1. Really wonderfully satisfying painting with the stronger colors against that more neutral stone. Wonderful skin tones and light and shadow.
    I am with you on the new double word verification. I worried when I left blogger and went to WordPress that having to put just your own name would bother some folks- at least we know our own name:):)

  2. Excellent figure work in this and "Big Bag"! I also like the abstract treatment of the wall. Terrific composition!

  3. Excellent painting Carol! I like the bright colors.

  4. Love the gestures here Carol particularly the girl on the left looking at her cone.
    You are not alone in your feelings about word verifications....grrr!

  5. I also recently posted a gripe about those CAPTCHA words (post before last). They are ridiculous and quite hard to read the word with alternating blacks and whites. I don't have the word verification thing on my blog so no one has to go through that over that. I hate it that much. And? I've never had to deal with spam yet. I do have a spam filter on and a comment moderation setting so if some spam does come through? I just don't post it. Easy peasy.

    Love the way you've handled the wall behind these two girls! I love the placement of the feet for the woman with the red shoes and find myself wondering how she does that! I've seen people stand just that way too!

  6. Wonderful piece today really caught the moment. And I so hear you on the new captchas.....I feel "challenged" half the time , cuz I can't get the letters right!!!! And so much typing......for you, it is worth it. :)

  7. C'est magnifique.
    Wha'st a great work here. Your way of painting is so interesting. I like it.
    Sam, follow your blog with lot of interest.

  8. Wonderful painting, and I am in complete agreement on verification. I can hardly read some of the letters.

  9. Wonderful, Carol, especially the left girl one!Her expression is so significative.And I share the complaints about the double verification in oder to leave comments, it's boring.

  10. Great painting! Love the subject matter. I agree wholeheartedly about the comment verification! I end up getting more e-mail comments than on the actual blog!!!!

  11. I thought I was the only one who hates Google Verify! It takes me longer to get the right answer than it did to type the comment. Maybe I'll follow CrimsonLeaves' idea and not use the word verification. I'd hate for someone to leave without commenting because it was too difficult.

    Sorry about the vent! I actually came to tell you how much I like your painting! Beautiful job on the figures, great skin tones, and light and shadow. Great job!

  12. Beautiful painting Carol! You really captured the physical gestures, I especially love how you handled their legs. I also love the "eating ice cream stare" of the girl on the left. Nice job on the wall texture too, love it!

    I share your feelings on the robot issue, I certainly hope we won't soon be asked to type whole sentances. I can barely read one of those cryptic words!