Saturday, October 15, 2011


A cowlick is a turned up tuft of hair that resists laying down. This cow has one.

This was a little break from a commission piece I am struggling through. The commission piece is kind of a left brained piece.....lots of straight lines! My left brain is not open for business. Out of character and comfort level for me but I am trudging through it. This sweet kid asked me to do it so I am trying.

This cow is painted on an 8 x 8" gallery wrap canvas.

Enjoy your weekend!!sold

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  1. Awh Carol- always love your cows and this one is wonderful. LOVE the brushwork to create the cowlick and appreciate how well you did that. I painted 4 cows in one painting the other day and it was about 3 too many:) I can appreciate trudging through! Hang in there...I know the commission piece will be fabulous!

  2. Red, green and gold...gorgeous. Love your signature in red too, and that one vertical stroke of green on the lower right. Super!

  3. Yeesh...I find myself wanting to give cows kisses when I visit here, Carol! This is so beautiful! I tend to be a bit left brained at times so your commission has me intrigued! Can't wait to see it!

  4. The colors in this are amazing! Great light, too!

  5. Des couleurs fantastiques... et une belle capture du regard...