Saturday, August 13, 2011

heave ho

I LOVE my camera. I was sitting on my friend's porch yesterday at the beach and it was able to capture this shot about 100 yds away. Good thing because by the time I could physically get to the beach she was fighting with her brothers and crying. Magic moment gone. My camera is a canon power shot SX30 IS.
This is painted on an 8 x 10" gallery wrap canvas.

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  1. Love Heave Ho! Can just imagine little bit here having many magic moments all day long:) Love the shadows on the buckets that are as big as she is...and the shadows on her...Wonderful!

  2. This is one beautiful piece, Carol! I love the 'moment in time' feel of this one. Thankfully someone had a camera to catch this cute shot. Fabulous work, but then your work is always fabulous!

  3. This is such a great painting, Carol! We can feel the weight of those buckets on the little girls' arms -- you've captured it so well! Yes, there's nothing like the SX30 IS to capture "magic moments". I have the same camera, and would be lost without it.

  4. I'm loving the style of the painting! I love the bands of color in the background! The little girl is darling. You are so good at capturing people at the beach. Speaking of the beach, I'm envious at the scene of you sitting on your friend's porch at the beach!

    Thank you and Linda for sharing information about your camera. Do you use it to photograph your paintings also? How well do you like it indoors?

  5. This is just so perfect. I love the texture of the paint, the background colour showing through and the subject matter.