Saturday, March 19, 2011

mo, larry and curly

A big thank you to my friends Lynn and Mary for helping me during this show. I informed them before the show that I had a snazzy, new tent that they would be helping me put up. I"thought" I knew how to erect the tent but could not have been out of there before midnight without the help of photographer Robert Jones. He gave us the nickname of the blog title. We entertained the artists around us with our fumbling. Brought back memories to other artists who had been through the same thing.
This show has been incredibly crowded..... with people buying kettle corn. 80 % of the crowd walks past the tents like they are on their way to an Elvis concert. The other folks have been so much fun to visit and discuss art with. I have met some wonderful artists and patrons. So fun having my friends and family with me.
Another huge highlight was meeting my blog friend,
Elizabeth Blaylock. Got to see her beautiful work in person and she even fed me home made quiche. Bought a wonderful painting from her that I can't wait to find a special place for.
Sunny days and temps in the upper 70's are making for a great time. Also fun seeing friends from different places at this show.
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  1. Congrats on your show and your one year blogging anniversary which I also just marked. I'm doing my first fair with a tent on memorial day weekend. Haven't purchased the tent yet...

  2. And good times were had by all! It sounds like you are having a blast, Carol. And why did you have to go and say the words, "kettle corn?"!!! I am so suggestible and now??? I am craving some to go with my morning coffee!! LOL Great fun buying a new piece of art too, isn't it?

  3. Great seeing pics of you and your friends with your booth set up, the artwork looks amazing. Even Elvis wouldn't keep me from coming in and browsing in your booth!

  4. LOL - I've seen lots of artists having trouble with their tents. I've got a heavy duty EasyUp, so even an idiot can do it solo. Works OK for the number of shows I do.

    Loved your description of the crowd - goin' to an Elvis concert, kettle corn in hand. Did the 20% who stopped pull out their wallets???

  5. Your booth looks wonderful, Carol! Such a lot of fabulous paintings, and big!Cheers, Cathy

  6. Your setup looks great and so do your paintings. I'm so glad the show was successful and wish you luck on the others to come.