Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Loved the posture of my friend in this painting. Checking out the water with her hands on her hips. Kind of played with the water being abstracted in the background. Painted this on a 5 x 7" gallery wrap canvas.
Happy to report that we did not see any signs of oil while we were on the coast. BP had workers down there "looking" for oil. Seemed to be doing a lot of nothing. At least they are employing people.
Preparing to work on another photo I took at the beach this weekend.
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  1. The beach was a wealth of "subjects" for you. Love the loose brush strokes and the abstract waves.

  2. The colors in the water are beautiful and the gesture of your friend is well done! Looking forward to your next beach scene!

  3. Great pose and nice abstract quality to the water.

  4. Oh my; I sure love her suit!!!!!! What a nice piece!