Friday, May 14, 2010

teetering on the edge-

Another good of painting vase and egg plants. I love the color play between the egg plants and green apples. The vase has been a great tool to create a fun composition.
I know you are not really supposed to talk about your family but I am going to break that rule (again) today. I am pereparing to go celebrate one of my son's graduation from college this weekend. celebrate that he got a job offer from a company that he is very excited about. Headquartered in New Orleans!
Clint is such a great young man. He has been one of my biggest encouragers in this art thing. He has always shown interest and support in my endeavors. I think that is a rare thing for a young person. I know I was all about me when I was his age. I am so honored and proud to have a son like him. My other sons are pretty sorry. Totally kidding about that. Just needed a little humor to dry my tears.
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  1. I like the tall vase. You are getting a lot of use from it. It is a nice addition and adds height to your compositions. Love the greens and purples! Lovely painting, Carol!

    Congratulations and have a great time at Clint's graduation! I told myself at my sons' graduations that I would not cry - it's impossible!

  2. This is gorgeous, Carol. I somehow missed this yesterday, but that vase just is perfect for showcasing not just apples and aubergines, but undoubtedly anything would look smashing in it. Congratulations to your son too. How exciting to not only be graduating college but to have been recruited as well - especially in these hard economic times.