Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Close of a good day

Just finished this 12 x 24" painting. The painting turned out almost as well as the day. I have a good friend who loves to share her beautiful home on Lake Martin with friends. She has more energy than anyone I know and is always cooking up another trip.
I started a new painting class today. Barbara Evans is a wonderful local artist who does incredible figurative, still life, abstract, landscape, you name it. She has great style and a wonderful sense of color. She has a fun personality but is very truthful in giving constructive critcism and praise. I also look forward to working with and learning from fellow artists in the class. I have mostly been painting by myself so I really need extra eyes to help me work through some things.sold
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  1. Carol, this is wonderful and so full of color. Please reserve a seat on that dock for me!

  2. I already feel relaxed! Good painting!

  3. I so love this painting, Carol. This is the type of painting that always catches my eyes and sets me to dreaming. I call these "slice of life" paintings and they are becoming a fast favorite of mine.

  4. Carol, beautiful composition that brings me back to so many wonderful "girl trips". Reminds me of Karin Jurick's paintings...and that's a real compliment!