Friday, May 21, 2010

# 7 at Maggie Valley

This is painted on a 10 x 20" canvas. Loved working with the strong light in this photo. I painted most of this with a pallete knife. Pretty fun.
This is a photo of my son who is spending his first day in China today. Finishing up his degree during the next five weeks. Not a bad way to finish out your college career.
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  1. Great figurative work. I also like the red peeking through the green grass and your shadows. You did a good job on the light, too. I understand why you enjoyed working on this painting - lots of fun with the strong light!

  2. Not a bad way indeed! It looks as though your son knows how to live life! Something always draws me in to golf paintings...Maybe all the lush greens. This one is more special because it includes your son! Lovely piece, Carol!

  3. Great golf swing, Carol! And you are right, not a bad way to finish school indeed!