Friday, December 6, 2013


 First time to hear of this breed.  Similar to a weimaraner.  Yes, I had to look up the spelling of both of these breeds.  This is an 8 x 10" and is a Christmas surprise for someone.sold

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  1. Lovely Vizsla,...they are a sweet but occasionally neurotic dog. I'm sure the recipeint is sure to love this!
    Happy holidays Carol!!

  2. I am a dog afficianado and I love this Hungarian breed. They are one of the few NAVHDA recognized breeds and they seem to have such a sweet temperament. Maybe some day I will have one of my own. This one is beautiful, Carol! The Weimaraners are also beautiful with a stunning coat. Now that is a breed I find a bit neurotic because they suffer greatly from separation anxiety and can do some serious damage when left alone. I've owned several and every one of them was this way with the separation anxiety. The Weims are also a NAVHDA recognized breed. My favorite hunting dog, by far, is the Spinone Italiano. So very sweet and smart, such big babies. I lost my Gio a few years back and I don't think I will ever get over it. Spinones are also recognized by NAVHDA. Ah well...sorry for the dog litany.

  3. A beautiful dog, Carol. Your client will definitely be thrilled with this painting. I have never heard of this breed but I do see the weimaraner in him.

  4. You really captured this dog. A powerful piece.

  5. How beautiful! I can sense his gentle temperament in his eyes. Your client will be very pleased!

  6. Love this, Carol, and l love Visla's in fact I walk 3 of them in my dog walking business. You did a beautiful job on this !

  7. Great job, Carol. You captured a calm spirit here. I like the slight turn of the head.

  8. I love all the shifts in this one...your brush was just dancing across him...Really beautifully done!

  9. Hey, I love that one! Lot of useful stuff here about our

    beloved hungarian hunting dog breed aka Vizslas here:

  10. This breed has certainly a lot of heart. My dad's dog is a Vizsla and I swear it's so insanely affectionate for a big and active dog. Very good with children and as I've seen, mild temperament and very clever, too. Dad taught his dog Sassy how to pray before meals with bowed head (so cute) and to protect most of their chickens from unlikely predators. Sassy is also my dad's hunting companion and overall "joy-bringer". To know more about this breed, see

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