Tuesday, December 17, 2013

precious cargo

 And engineer!  This is a Christmas commission for a new friend.  I have a soft spot for Moms of twins so I worked very hard to make this painting work. I tried to abandon ship once but then tried another photo and it came together.  These darling twin girls do not have much hair now so my attempts kept making them look like little old men.  I wish you could see how beautiful these girls are in person.  They all three have huge, blue eyes.  This painting really makes me smile.  It is painted on an 8 x 10".sold
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  1. Gorgeous and sweet painting! You did a fabulous job- love the composition! I know that mama will be very happy!!

  2. It turned out fabulous, Carol. My girls (a redhead and a blonde) also had huge blue eyes. They were gorgeous babies.

  3. Such an adorably sweet painting. I know your friend will be thrilled! Happy Holidays!