Wednesday, November 27, 2013

spring in his step

 This is the second time I have painted this little boy. I have seen three or four pictures of him and he seems full of life in each photo.  It is kind of hard to read in the painting but in this pose his left foot is off the sand.  Similar to the first picture of him with the orange board, he is moving forward without looking.  He is just happy to be at the beach.  I bet we can all relate.  This is painted on an 11 x 14" linen canvas.

Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving and get to spend time with someone that you are thankful for.sold
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  1. In both paintings, I find that he has some stylin' bathing trunks. They both stood out to me as being awesome looking. I love when boys are boys and seem to know no fear. He's adorable.

  2. Your paintings speak to me in a fierce way. I cannot wait to study with you.

  3. Beautifully painted, Carol. Love your beach scenes....,

  4. This is so sweet, and I love that he's not watching where he's going!