Thursday, March 14, 2013

white face

Another handsome bovine.  This one is painted on an 8 x 8 x 1 1/2" canvas. I am going to be the spot light artist next week on the Daily Paintwork's Site. This painting is going to be the give away so it is not for sale. Go to the site next week and sign up for a chance to win it.  
 I am going to share some photos of new additions to my studio.  
The first photo is of a corner shelving unit that I ordered from  It is great as a space saver and for displaying small works. only takes ten hours to put together.  I might be exaggerating a wee bit.
 I found two bulletin boards that used to be in my son's rooms and hung them over my desk.  I plan to start pinning things to them as reminders instead of having notes all over my desktop. ( I am SO creative.) I am going to go back through my notes from workshops I have attended and put my favorite tips from each teacher on pieces of paper and tack them up. I need to be reminded on a daily basis. One of my favorites is from Tim Horn and it is "big shapes, thick paint."    

The view next to my desk. I DO NOT take it for granted.

Critter tracks behind my studio.  I bet the raccoons love the creek as much as I do.


  1. Another beauty. Especially the gray blue behind and the ear edges. Thanks for sharing your pics. Looks like painter heaven to me!

  2. White Face is really nice - like the turquoise in the shadow on his face. I love the big shapes, thick paint reminder, something I need to remind myself. Gorgeous view from your studio.

  3. I just always want to cuddle with cows. They look so gentle and loving and you always capture that. If you ever consider adoption, count me in! That property is gorgeous and I do so love your studio space!

  4. Cows have such personality. Great ART Piece.

  5. Oh what a gorgeous view....I love your tidy workspace next to that window!
    and......your bovine looks mighty fine, my painting friend.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Ciao bella.
    Creative Carmelina

  6. Love the title, Carol! And I love your new studio. Your sunny view looks so inspiring.