Wednesday, July 25, 2012

appalachian elvis

 I took the reference photo for this picture a couple of weeks ago in Sunbright, Tennessee. A bluegrass band entertained the church group I was with.  The guy on the left had a bit of Elvis swag going.  I was mostly drawn to his "I'm a cool guy posture".  The venue was an elementary school cafeteria so I had to fake the surroundings.  This is painted on a 12 x 16" gallery wrap canvas.
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  1. Love the posture of "cool dude"! And I was right there at Graceland till I read that! Love it all...Side of the cello in light is fabulous!!

  2. Yes, the cool guy posture is SOOO appealing! :-) Nice job, Carol!

  3. I love the background you added, Carol. Such a wonderful composition too, especially for a music lover!