Monday, February 21, 2011

amelia island

This is a 5 x 7" painting I did at the Amelia Island workshop. It's okay. I have not had a chance to get outside and paint since the workshop. Lost my viewfinder so have ordered another. I am extremely dependent on it. I can not look at the big picture and see the little picture I want to paint.

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  1. Gotta have those viewfinders! I love the colors and I think it is wonderful!

  2. I like this scene and think you did a good job. I think palm trees are hard and you did the fronds really nicely.
    I am laughing at your viewfinder issue- I was also thinking I should get a spare! Take care!

  3. De l'énergie et de la lumière règnent sur cette adorable peinture.

  4. Glorious sunlight and oh so cool water combine into one lovely piece here, Carol!

  5. You have me wondering where my viewfinder is. Should have it around my neck with my camera. :) Love your palm trees! They are hard for me.
    Hope you were able to paint plein air over the weekend.:)