Saturday, October 9, 2010

cups and pansies


I am still in North Carolina and struggling with getting a good image and posting. I have experimented with plein air a bit. So different and so hard. New appreciation for you plein air guys. So many variables. Trying to have a good attitude and patience. Have my first plein air workshop next weekend.
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  1. Very successful in painting a warm tone. Fine brush technique complements the painting. I like very much for this painting.
    Artistic follow-up.
    Markku Mäkelä

  2. Another beautiful set up, Carol. Understand the plein air impression, soooo hard and this is now getting to be the best time of the year to be outside. Have only tried it twice but will push myself to go again. Let us know how the workshop goes.

  3. Excellent values and I love the red bowl next to the green apple. You have such a gorgeous style!

  4. wow..nice blog you shows an excellent value for a friendship...and helping with each other...


  5. Well, the still lifes you do are hard, too.