Thursday, January 24, 2013

blue morning

 This piece is painted on a 2' x 4' canvas.  Hard to appreciate this one unless you see it in person.
This is the last post you will see from me until I am in my house. Need to pack up my paints for a bit.  I am moving next Wednesday and Thursday and then leaving Friday morning for Nashville.  I am participating in a three day art event at Lipscomb Academy.  The timing is not great for me but it will be fun to visit with some artist friends and patrons. sweet friends, Elizabeth and Mike, who open their beautiful home to me every time I come to Nashville.  Always a good time.
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  1. Love the subtlety of color in this piece Carol!
    Good luck with the move and have fun in Nashville...I will look forward to your return to painting!!

  2. He's a fine rooster! Very handsome and beautiful color. Would like to see this painting in person.

    Good luck with the move. I know it will feel good to be settled again.

    Have fun in Nashville! I lived there for six years and have some wonderful memories and friends still there.

  3. I love the subdued colors in this one, Carol. Enjoy your trip and may your moving and unpacking go well and be fun!