Tuesday, January 8, 2013

a little cocked

 I guess cows cock their head when they are curious about something.  I love it when dogs do that.  What is so cute about a cocked head?  Another one of those mysterious things like holes in your face (dimples) being attractive.
I painted this cow on a 20 x 20" clear primed gallery wrapped canvas.  I feel that the linen color showing through adds to the piece.  You can see an earlier 8 x 8" painting that I did from this same photo.  I could paint this face over and over and not get tired of it.
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  1. I like the big one even better! My favorite part... the bright yellow-orange ling along the front of his(her) chest!

  2. J'aime beaucoup votre première toile!
    Bonne journée.

  3. So this baby is going off half-cocked? LOLOL Your cows are always beautiful, Carol. You capture their innate gentleness and gorgeous eyelashes beautifully.

  4. i love the freedom and strength of your brushstrokes and deft use of color!! beautiful work. your cows have attitude and majesty! i'm a fan!

    and thank you so much for your very kind and thoughtful comments, i appreciate them more than you can know. i wish you a happy new year and much success!

  5. This painting is stunning. I grew up in the country...so it really warms my heart to see the MOO MOOs Ha!
    Your last name blends my first name with my sons name Carmelina and Michael...I thought that was cute....and now you probably think I'm strange!

    Nice to meet and follow you via Crimson Leaves' blog.
    Hope you'll visit sometime.
    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  6. forgot to mention that I love your use of colours and your free painting style. gorgeous!!!!!

    ciao again