Monday, October 1, 2012

at rest

 This is what the painting looked like before it slid out of my hands and on to my exercise pants. Fortunately only the top part is on my pants.  An easy fix. Maybe not for the pants. Not a good start for a Monday but a pretty typical Carol move.
I took this picture on my way home from the beach yesterday.  It was a cloudy day and the cows were resting or sleeping.  I have to give my husband props on this one because he pulled over before I even asked.  I think he wants to retire. Paint, paint, paint!
I was so excited to be at the beach Friday morning that I accidentally locked myself out of our friend's condo.  My husband was working and our friend's were out of town at his father's funeral.  Not good timing.  I was okay because I had a bike, my camera, my phone and sixty dollars.  I was good for a week.  Then I remembered my husband would be getting off work around 3 and he was wearing a suit.  I had all my essentials but you don't see alot of folks riding bikes in suits at the beach.  I ended up spending my 60 dollars and then some to get a locksmith.
This is painted on an 8 x 10" linen panel.sold

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  1. Sorry to hear about your pants! I don't have a pair of jeans without paint.

    Love this painting. Your have such a talent for those great brush strokes and you make it look so easy. The colors are lovely. I love your work!

    also, looking forward to seeing your new studio!

  2. I love this, Carol! Such a limited palette and you make the surface so interesting and full of light.
    Bummer about the pants but so glad you rescued the painting. And happy belated birthday!

  3. Vouliez-vous essayer un tour de tauromachie ? Sourire...
    J'aime le regard interrogatif de votre vache... peut-être se demande-t-elle si vous lui capturez son meilleur profil ?!!!...
    J'aime également dans cette dernière peinture l'ensemble des nuances de couleurs...
    Gros bisous à vous ma chère et meuh!! elle me plaît beaucoup...

  4. Another great cow painting, Carol. I love that dark color the cow is resting on. Love hearing about your foibles/adventures! What a fantastic post!

  5. This is a great cow painting. I love the contrasts you were able to get even on a cloudy day and of course - LOVE your brushstrokes.

  6. Great post Carol and quite an this cow, your husband has a discerning eye!

  7. Well, you sure painted a beautiful cow despite all the aggravations along the way. You sound like me with these little pitfalls. So something I would do/have done myself.