Friday, April 6, 2012

keeping an eye out

 Same painting as yesterday.  I feel like I am getter better at painting large paintings.   It is hard to keep the same character as small pieces but it is possible. You have to use the largest brushes possible.  I personally like soft instead of stiff brushes.  My favorites are windsor and newton monarch flats and filberts.  They do not make that series in big sizes.  My biggest brushes are the silver brand ruby satin brights. I would love to hear your brush preferences especially if they are the sable type. I don't think I will ever go a stiff brush unless I change painting styles.
This painting is 4 x 4' and I really like her.
She makes me happy.
Have a wonderful Easter weekend!sold
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  1. She is a beauty! Love the colors you use.

  2. Great job! I also love his expression of "what do you want, lady?". Great shadows and brushstrokes. I, too, love the W&N monarch flats and brights.

  3. Lookin' good! What a big painting--came out great. I like those monarchs too but have mostly filberts. As I paint more and more large paintings I find I'm reaching for rounds a lot. I do like a soft brush too.

  4. I just love those rich browns and gorgeous whites of this beauty! I still can't get over the size of the piece but you've indeed kept the trueness you get from smaller works!

  5. You are so good at everything you do. Cows, chicks, beach scenes, kids, swimsuit ladies and the list goes on.Your paintings always keep me interested, Carol.
    Here is to Keeping an Eye Out... another winner!

  6. Fabulous piece,Carol! I am sure it is even more impressive in life. Years ago, I used Monarch,then got away from them. I may give them another try as I really don't have a specific brand that I love. I like a little tooth in my brush, but not too stiff.