Thursday, April 19, 2012

cutie pie

 One day I am going to get one of these.  It will have to be in the grandchild form but I am hoping to get one.  Since none of my sons are dating anyone in particular I better be careful what I wish for.  I can wait.
This is a commission piece for a couple that I have done several kid paintings for.  I have not painted on this type of panel or a black ground in a while.  I love the way the colors pop on the black ground.  A la one of my all time favorite artists Karin Jurick.  This is painted on an 8 x10" ampersand panel.
Good chances of getting wet at the Saturday art show are down to 30%.  I prefer to think of it as a 70% chance I do not get wet.sold
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  1. So adorable~! And I want one too - in about 7-10 years! I have so much going on (and I know I'd drop everything once I look into those baby blues) I'm happy with my Grandcats for now. I love, love the colors in the water's edge! - this is Kelley MacDonald - my husband's name keeps coming up, even though I sign out!

  2. Une peinture qui me remplie d'émotions en l'admirant... Il y a tant d'innocence dans cette oeuvre... Une grande spontanéité dans la touche et des couleurs sublimes qui en font une peinture très gracieuse.
    gros bisous

  3. Hope you get one of these too. A sweet painting.

  4. Carol, I think this is a new favorite - one of your best with a little one as the subject. I am not sure if it is her curly hair, her posture - one I've seen in babies many times - or even the black underpainting. No matter why, it is truly gorgeous!

  5. She is perfect Carol, I want one too...someday.

  6. Precious little girl! A beautiful painting!