Tuesday, September 18, 2018


I just returned from a show in Huntsville, Alabama.  I stayed with my sister who lives in the area.  Her home is in a rural area and there was cotton planted in the fields around her home.  I took home a few souvenir stalks.

  I sold a lot of my favorite pieces last weekend so I woke up early yesterday to paint something for the River Clay Arts Festival in Decatur, AL this weekend. This is a large 36 x 48" piece.  The big paintings take a lot out of me trying to figure out how to balance and fill all the space and keep the character I like. I had to use lots of archival odorless, lean medium to my oil paint so that it can dry by Friday.  Then the painting goes in the back of my art mobile that sits out in the heat at my home.  Oh yeah....in case you were wondering what my art mobile is....I have a 2001 toyota sequoia that I have taken all but the front seats out.  I also use a cargo carrier that holds my tent pieces.

Click on the River Clay link to find out more about the show and come see me if you are in the area.


  1. A beautiful piece Carol. I can't believe the size of these paintings you do. I LOVE the "cotton" floral...absolutely beautiful.