Monday, February 9, 2015

tres limones

 I am trying to get back to painting after a long absence.  I actually painted most of this a while back but decided it was missing something.  I added the knife today and I think it works much better.  I plan on painting still life set ups for a few days because I miss it.  This is painted on an 8 x 10" linen panel.

A few pictures from our Costa Rica trip.   The first two are shots of canyoneering in the Los Rocos canyon.  Our favorite thing the whole trip.  

Lots and lots of cows everywhere.  Any small space of land would host some.  In the middle of our first resort.  

A sloth in the Rain forest.  They stay in a tree eating for a week or more. They only go down once a week for their  constitutional.  We got it to look at us by whistling.  Their predators are eagles. I have a mean eagle whistle. If they have a baby and it falls out the tree, they would rather have another one than to go down and get it.  That is not only lazy, that is bad.

A sable tree in the rain forest.  

Views of Tamarindo beach.  


  1. Your still lifes are always some of the best, Carol! What a gorgeous one and well done on the reflective surface! The photos are fabulous and I just know that final photo will be a painting!

  2. I love the still life Carol. Lemons are such a good subject and the reflections are wonderful.... Your Costa Rica trip looks magical. I love the photos...the last one with the little girl on the beach is waiting for you to paint!!!! More photos please!!!

  3. What wonderful lemons. I have just been given some fresh large ones from Arizona. Seeing yours reminds me to nail the values in the shadow. Yours are perfect.
    I enjoyed seeing the photos of Costa Rica. Glad you enjoyed yourselves. It ooked like it was quite an adventure - especially in Los Rocos Canyon.