Sunday, February 22, 2015


 I just finished my weekend workshop and it was so fun looking back through the pictures.  I had one surprise photo that is the bottom one of this post.  The Montgomery twosome/funsome took a selfie.  We had a wonderful group of people and painters.  The first day I painted "noodled" for my demo. (8 x 10") I did not really noodle it during the demo but  I had a hard time leaving it alone this morning before the workshop started.  I did not take my own advice to stop working on it when it was finished and fresh.  The ladies all painted great cows and in one case a great looking horse.
I will share some more pictures of the workshop tomorrow.  I already miss my new friends.


  1. What a fabulous group! Blown away by the size of the cow portrait on the mantle behind the group. This cow is a soft and warm beauty!

  2. Carol!!!! Such a fabulous weekend! Thank you for everything!!! Can't wait to do this again!! Okay, cannot believe you posted the selfie! Hahahahaha! So hope that made you laugh out loud!!!! love love R

  3. Looks like you all had a wonderful time!!! Love the cow painting...wonderful colors ..