Wednesday, September 25, 2013


 It is hard to get sheep to take a break from eating to get a photo.  It is easy to get shots of them grazing or of their behinds.  They do not seem to be curious about humans at all. Imagine that?
I have recently returned from a trip to England and Scotland.  Two beautiful countries with so much history. We packed a lot in during the eight days we were there but we were only able to skim the highlights.  I took the photo of these sheep close to Stirling castle in Scotland.
I will share some more about my trip in the coming weeks.
I would like to announce a weekend workshop I am going to have at my studio Jan 18 and 19.  I am limiting it to nine students because of space.  We will focus on still life the first day and painting from one of my photos the second day.  Email me at for more information.  Hopefully this will be the first of many workshops or classes I will offer.
"intermission" is painted on an 11 x 14" linen canvas.sold
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  1. I like these wooly beauties as much as I like your cow paintings, Carol. It is that landscape and knowing this was shot in Scotland, maybe, that lends much for me. I am of Scot descent from one of my ancestors (a McIntyre) and hope to visit Scotland someday myself!

  2. Wonderful painting, Carol! LOVE those greens as well.....

  3. Love the painting and always love your work! Congrats on teaching workshops....would love to come one day! Love your sense of design and just think your would be a wonderful teacher....Always interested in learning....Please email