Friday, September 27, 2013

a load off

 I included two photos so that you could see how large this piece is.  It is painted on a 2' x 4' canvas.  Think I am mostly finished.  May tweak it here and there.
I took the reference photo in St Andrews, Scotland.  Home to the third oldest University in the English speaking world. Also where golf got its start.
I was drawn to the group sitting on a wall taking a lunch break.  When I looked at the photo I decided it would be interesting to crop out their upper bodies.
I still have one spot open in my January workshop.  Please e mail with interest or to hear more about it.  If you know you can not make it in January but have an interest, go ahead and let me know.  I will also create a wait list for this one.
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  1. Wow, Carol, I really like this one! It must be amazing to view in person, being so large!

  2. Lucky you!! And love the decisions you made with this one. Strong design!

  3. Makes me wish I was young again. Nice large canvas!

  4. What a great painting, Carol... You did an wonderful job!!!

  5. Just catching up on your post England posts. :-) What a great subject this is! I admire the size and hope I can do that too one day when I grow up.

  6. A really fun painting, Carol. I have enjoyed catching up with your blog You must have a very busy life as many of your posts mention your frequent travels.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!