Wednesday, March 7, 2012

don't take your love to town

Maybe I am slap happy? Ever since I named my painting "Ruby" yesterday I have been singing Kenny Roger's song, "Ruby, don't take your love to town". Good song. I am taking the day off from packing to paint and have some fun. I have made lots of progress so I am am rewarding myself by painting some of my favorite characters. I am headed to the coast for an art show in a week so this is my last day to paint for the show.
Thanks for your comments on my paintings. I really appreciate your feed back!
This is painted on a 5 x 7" gallery wrap canvas.
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  1. Carol, so enjoying your beach series...always have loved those pieces from you. Good luck with all the transitions you have going on.

  2. Love the title and the saggy suit. Such a fun series...they bring a smile to my face.

  3. I think this series is fabulous:)) I challenge you to do a huge one! I could see an entire show based on these paintings:)

  4. I just want to say hello to you Carol, I found you on the DPW.
    I absolutely love your approach of themes and your happy brushwork.
    Sometimes I even hear your characters chatting. :)

  5. Trying to think around Kenny Rogers now endlessly looping through my head (thanks for that, Carol!! LOL)...I'm thinking that this Ruby really does get around! These ladies always just bring a smile to my face.