Saturday, March 31, 2012

coasting in

 I am all moved out of my house.  It was a great house and I am happy that a family with four kids bought it. Hopefully they will enjoy it even more than we did. We are settled into the apartment we are renting while our house is being built.  The apartment is great aside from smelling like it was used as a stable before we moved in. I have spent at least $150 buying and trying different fixes.  I sprinkled LOTS of baking soda all over the carpet.( almost burned up my vacume cleaner because of all there was to suck up.) Bought every kind of bad odor getter ridder of gadget, charcoal in bowls, coffee grinds in bowls, surgical masks,( no, but maybe) and lots of candles.  We may die of toxic exposure to all of these scents but I am happy to report that it is much better.  We now smell like linen deoderizer, coffee and horses.  It is a nice mix.
This picture is painted on a 12 x 12" gallery wrap canvas.sold
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  1. Love this painting! The touches of blue in his hair is a good addition and those feet up in the air with water splashing everywhere are so nice!

    Sorry about the odor, but I have to admit I LOVED the story!! So funny! :-D

  2. Sounds like a good combo.
    I am a stickler for 'odors' and will track them down and use every method available to rid the house of any perceivable weird odor. I die if I go to into a house or car that is smelly :)
    This is really strong. Love the brushwork and the color.

  3. Nice painting. I like the pink on his arm and the bottom of his foot. Lovely colors in the water, too.

    Sorry about the smell in the apartment!

  4. Gorgeous painting and I am so happy you are all packed up and moved! Hopefully your move into your house will go even smoother as I suspect you have lots packed and in storage? I love unpacking in a new house and all the things you re-discover in putting them in new spots. Love this fun painting and wish I felt some of the child-like joy this little guy is feeling. It'll return, I know it will.

  5. Une peinture si vivante... une belle capture d'un moment de bonheur. Des touches de couleurs subtiles viennent parcimonieusement éclairer votre sujet.
    Il n'est jamais simple de faire la transition entre une maison qu'on vient de céder et dans laquelle on a vécu heureux et celle qui n'est pas encore terminée... Surtout si l'appartement transitoire est loin d'être à notre goût !... mais je suis heureuse que vous vous sentiez mieux à présent.
    Gros bisous à vous

  6. Fun and fabulous. I love the big mask on his face and how you masterfully painted that. Love the light and shadow on him. Always love your water paintings. This is amazing.
    Glad to hear you are somewhat settled for a bit. Just think how awesome that new studio/home will be and that will make it all better! You always make me smile:)