Friday, January 27, 2012


This painting takes me back to my childhood and the blissful feelings that a bike can bring. I loved the feeling of the wind blowing my hair, the sun on my shoulders, and the freedom of speeding past houses and the sound of my brother yelling at me to bring his bike back. It was cooler to ride a boy's bike.

I took this photo in Rome, Italy. 
I was drawn to the great light, motion and color. I usually paint whatever catches my eye while looking through thumbnail photos on my computer. Hmmm.... ingenious idea Carol. Also, if I find myself getting too fussy with details I will go back and paint using only the 2" thumbnail for a reference.
I am hosting the Daily Paintwork's Challenge this week and it is titled the wheel challenge.  Click on the highlighted to explore further.  Look forward to seeing what folks submit.
This is painted on an 8 x 10" gallery wrapped canvas. Think I may keep it for myself.
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  1. Wow! The whole painting glows with warmth. Super!

  2. Wonderful warmth, light, movement and full of fun.

  3. Le titre est bien approprié... Lorsque je pars faire une petite balade à vélo, j'aime effectivement cette sensation de liberté...
    J'éprouvais aussi cette même sensation en plus fort lorsque je faisais de l'ULM.
    Une très belle peinture avec ce beau mouvement dans la chevelure et la lumière qui vient caresser votre sujet.
    Gros bisous

  4. I love her sense of style, developed so early! Look at those "buckle shoes" (as we used to call them when I was little) with jeans! Loved too your memories of bike riding. This is just fabulous and you can just feel this little one's personality!

  5. Your painting is inspirational, sometimes hard to remember the little things that make life delightful!

  6. You captured great movement and light. Wonderful little painting.

  7. Warm beautiful light and movement in your painting. I don't blame you for wanting to keep it.

  8. Love this- you captured the movement and the moment and that is hard to do. Very fun and fresh! Love the light on her and her hair blowing. Shadow of her and the bike is fabulous. Just a universally appealing sight- joy and fun!

  9. Another fabulous painting, Carol! You did such a great job capturing a wonderful moment, with minimal detail. I love how you manage to suggest something with just a stroke of a brush! The light and shadows throughout this painting are brilliant!