Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Painted this beach beauty today. She looked so content looking out at the water. There was a nice, strong light on her. I still struggle with skin tones. Feel like I learned a lot from Karin but I still have a long way to go. Enjoying the journey.
Now I want to share a pet peeve about blogging. I know you guys have to have experienced this. How many times have you composed a heart felt, profound, enlightened or wise quote ( I may have taken that a litttle far) on someone's blog and then you tap the enter button and it says, "service unavaiable" ? What a waste of precious time. It already takes a lot of time with the security they have in place. I am not a typist either. I really do not mean to complain because this is such a great way of communicating with folks from everywhere.
On that note....glad to see August Leaves making comments again. I have been worried about you. You are so kind to make a comment on my paintings even if they stink. I have missed your presence and am so glad you are back at it. We need your encouraging words.
This is painted on a 6 x 6" cradled panel.SOLD
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  1. I love this piece Carol, I think you got the skin colors beautifully!

  2. This is a beautiful painting, Carol. I really like it.

    I hear what you are saying about losing a post! It happens often enough that if I have written a "profound" (or merely long) one, I now will hit copy before I hit send. That way if it disappears, I can just paste it in again.

  3. This is, indeed, a beauty! Love the skin tones of her thigh against the complementaries in the puddle, the blinding light on the sand and the way it surrounds the figure, the way her dark left hand recedes into it. It's interesting to see how you've incorporated KJ's workshop into your already free style yet keep your own.
    I copy my comments . . . sometimes paste them into a new email window if service doesn't come back right away.
    And thanks! for the encouraging comment on my blog.

  4. Cette peinture que vous nous montrez me plaît beaucoup de part son thème et sa réalisation.
    La lumière y pénètre bien et votre touche est souple et puissante. Bises

  5. Carol this piece is fantastic, it is beautifully balanced and so strong. Great brushwork and I think the skin colour is spot on. Way to go!

  6. You did a great job with the skin tones, Carol. I also love the blues and greens in the distance. I also love the looseness of your work.

  7. Great painting!Like the lighting and the skin tones. Really like the way her ponytail blows in the wind.

  8. This painting is wonderful!