Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mama Time

I painted this from a photo I took last weekend in north Alabama. These were the friendliest cows. There was also a very friendly mule there who wanted to have his picture taken. I am surprised he is not in the corner of any of my shots. I kept having to move because he would get right in my camera view. Wish I had had something to give him. I should have at least taken his picture.
This was my first time to paint white cows. Quite a challenge. Everybody needs a challenge. Yesterday was very challenging because I had a failed attempt at a painting and then tracked ultra marine blue through my house until I discovered it in several places on my bedroom carpet. I don't like that kind of challenge.
This is painted on an 11x14" linen canvas.SOLD

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  1. This such a sweet painting Carol...I love the light on their backs!

  2. They're a very well tackled challenge! I think your animals are great...I'm hoping to see more in the near future! Perhaps of the posing mule?

  3. Hi Carol, saw your name on Karin J's email for november workshop and have enjoyed looking at your work. you really have a way of catching the light... well done!

  4. Hi Carol, you have done a great job with the white cows, some lovely subtle colouring in the shadows. I am enjoying all of your posts.

  5. I so love mamas and baby paintings. These two are exquisite! As to the ultramarine...ei yi yi!!