Thursday, April 22, 2010

turnips and yellow pepper

This piece is 5 x 7". First time I have painted on a small canvas in a while. I love the quick and fresh results. My favorite color is purple so I guess that is one reason I like to paint turnips. I am very happy with how the pepper turned out. There is not much better than painting an item with as few brush strokes as possible.SOLD Unfortunately I don't get that lucky very often. Happy.
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  1. Carol, this is a lovely painting. Love the highlights and the brushwork.

  2. This has a very painterly appearance with your loose brushstrokes. The composition is good, too. Very nice!

  3. What a great job; the pepper is fine indeed. That said, I just am going to have to buy a turnip and try it out!

  4. Carol,
    Beautiful painting. Such rich color and confident brushwork.
    Thank you for finding my blog and leaving a comment.