Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beer and Pretzels

Just finished this 11 x 14" piece today. Glad to get back to painting. I spent a couple of days cleaning out and rearranging my studio. I use the term "studio" lightly because I paint in part of our basement right next to my car. The gas fumes are really mind freeing. And... I get great reflections off of my silver car.
As I was cleaning my space I came to the realization that I am a canvas hoarder. I own WELL over 100 canvases. A&E may need to do a show on me. Art supply hoarder. Not sure my reasoning for having so many. Maybe I have a fear of being caught without a canvas. I think the real problem is that I need to be off of a well known art supply dealer's e mail list. I get at least one e mail a day from them with deals I can not pass up. Anyway.....I am glad I took the time to clean up and realize that I do not need any more canvases. Now I need to start painting them. 99 5 x7" canvases on the wall, 99 5 x 7" canvases on the wall, take one down...
Next blog I will discuss why I have nine cans of cream of mushroom soup in my pantry.
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  1. A beautiful still life, yes the glow is stunning! If you did not mention the car, I would have thought there was a window close by! And oh, to have so many canvasses...a dream!

  2. The sarcasm relating to gas fumes and reflections had me laughing aloud, Carol. I love this painting, and especially find the apple a nice touch to the subject! Want to come and organize my 'studio' now? LOL I just did it and things just manage to accumulate anew!

  3. Beer, pretzels and gas fumes - yum! Had to laugh!

    Your painting is really nice. I like the warm colors. And as AutumnLeaves said the apple is a very nice addition.

    Now I expect lots of great 5x7 paintings from you! :-)